Professional Experience

James Kimball


Highlights and Accomplishments:


My accomplishments include 63 games, managed over 30 disciplines, shipped 182 products, completed 96 projects, earned 3 patents, and worked on 49 3D Animations for PBS, FOX, and more.  

Products have won dozens of industry awards including 6 Emmy awards, a SIGGRAPH award, and were featured on magazine covers winning product of the year and best of trade show awards around the globe. 

I am an INFJ personality type, 135 EQ and 136 IQ, intuitive and logical,  USAF Honor student and am a Protected Status Veteran.  

As an early digital tech art adopter I pioneered 3D graphics in the 80's; Real-time 3D video FX, Reverse Augmented Reality Virtual Sets, GUI/UX, 3D scanning, desktop video, and analog modeling synthesis in the 90’s; Digital SLR photography, editing, and museum grade desktop printing in the 00’s; Unity, 3D printing, drone sUAS photography & video, photogrammetry in the 10’s. 

I have reported to CEO's and President at nearly all jobs and received positive executive level letters of recommendation detailing accolades listed below.




Skills and Experience:



In the roles of Creative Director, Producer, Production Manager, Project Manager, I led day to day of up to 15 teams simultaneously. My personality, technical and art skills allows me to liaise and manage cross-functional teams including various creative content design teams, hardware and software development.  I have worked with all external groups such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, and executives.  I created project tools and processes that outperformed and replaced MS Project. I planned projects and defined products, wrote accurate bids up to 40 million, evaluated and monitored threats and risks. 



Positions held include Technical Director Lighting & Textures, GUI & UX Design, Technical Artist, Photographer, 2D/3D graphics (modeling, lighting, advanced procedural texturing, animation, simulation, rotoscoping, and fluid dynamics). I have created content for and worked with CAD,  multimedia, broadcast video, industrial design, DVD authoring, sculpting, websites and creating investor demos. I also taught 3D graphics in Japan and the U.S.

I am currently in process of getting an FAA small UAS Remote Pilot Certificate (Part 107) for aerial photography, video, and photogrammetry. This is the natural progression for decades of digital and technical art and experience.



I am an inherently inventive and resourceful problem solver. I have been involved with the invention of new technologies and patents, scripting languages, manufacturing, regulated gaming, built a 1 THz data center (render farm), built workstations and game rigs. I have an FCC technicians radio broadcast license, my call sign is KG7EKB. I converted semi pro ink jet into high-end professional 7 shade carbon printer producing museum grade black and white prints lasting over 150 years. For the fun of it, I wired old arcade cabinet controls to a Bluetooth interface to control classic emulators on computers. I also refurbished an arcade cabinet with a MAME PC inside.  My OS experience includes: Windows, OS X, Android, Palm, Newton, Amiga, Apple, Atari.  






Traditional Artists

Writers, storyboard, painters, DJs, musicians, and photographers.



Character, interior, industrial, print, and web.


Production Artists

TV producers, modelers, texture artists, animators, technical directors, technical artists, compositors, video editors, sound engineers, and DVD authors. 



Circuit layout, document control, programmers, hardware engineers, inventors, software engineers/programmers, web developers, render farm administrators, and IT. 


Corporate and Others

Executives, marketing, sales, program managers, production coordinators, and accounting.


Physical Labor

Production manufacturing, construction, military, and various civil engineers.




Industries and Markets: 


Drone (new)

Cinema, advertising, video production, utilities, communications, energy, military, government, state parks, weddings, engineering, testing, real-estate, construction, land survey, agriculture, game development, racing, security, tourism.



Technical writing, R&D, software and hardware development, 3D animation, games, entertainment, broadcast TV, home DVD, advertising, photography, architecture, slot machines, religious, education, military.


FUTURE Services, Skills and Endeavors

Voice over, 3D printing, color grading, video editing, custom furniture design, welding.



Products Developed and Shipped: 

See the TIMELINE page for a list of hundreds products, services, and projects going back to the '80's.

See the PRODUCTS page for magazine reviews, product shots, and more.




Little things: 

  • I have been promoted at every job.
  • The demo's created for Play's NAB trade-show booth were so densely crowd packed, the fire marshal shut us down!
  • Gong Xi Fa Kai is the studio's leading game in 2015, even beating Ellen DeGeneres game in returns. It was originally created to replace games on the older G23 platform before those systems were removed from casinos, but in reality the game was so popular it sold over 1000 NEW systems!  Gong is an internal IP, no licensing was involved, high ROI.  Into The Wild was one of the 3 Top games for IGT (the leading gaming company) at the G2E trade-show in 2013.   
  • I taught Yuki The Talking Shiba to do her speaking tricks and created a viral video on YouTube.  This has resulted in millions of views and a record number hits in a single day of 198,000!   This has led to a number of releases for TV channels: Animal Planet, FOX, Discovery, BBC, and CW channel.

I worked with producers to get Yuki onto a FOX 2014 Thanksgiving special "Cause for Paws" hosted by Hilary Swank, where Yuki won the "The Golden Bone Award" for best talking dog. Yuki videos also won Best Talking Dog Award on CW channel's World Dog Awards. In 2014 Google has asked me for rights to use the video in their Zeitgeist best of the year synopsis, (even though she didn't  make the final edit). 

  • My first sequenced 3D animation project created in 1990 received 9th place of 32 finalists at Bit.Movie '91 in Riccione Italy, based on the votes of more than 4,000 attendees! 
  • Trinity and Snappy won dozens of magazine & trade-show awards over the years including best of Comdex and NAB.
  • I have been a 185 mph on the outside of my vehicle while controlling it. (Marketing speak for: riding a fast motorcycle on a track.)
  • Scored a perfect 300 in Advanced Archery League.
  • Texture and lighting work on Auto-B-Good contributed to the look that earned an Emmy for "Best Graphics" in 2006.
  • Our team at Wet Cement won a SIGGRAPH award for best animation.