Hi  :-)     I’m James Kimball and welcome to James Studio Gallery, a site designed to showcase examples of complicated technical and creative work I have done for inventive, technical, and advanced industries such as: R&D, hard/software development, marketing, advertising, games, episodic TV production, CAD, 3D graphics and 3D printing.  

Having "been there and done that" for a few decades, I bring plenty of experience to the table, from a number of disciplines (width), and contributing levels from inventor and "do-er" to leader (depth).  There is plenty of volume to tap here- and the site will show it.  Have a look around, and consider me as a resource for your projects.


You'll see I have worked on many very large and successful products and projects that received numerous industry awards, and my experience covers many skills in three key areas: 

Management   - Creative Director, Production Manager, Program Manager, Technical Director

Technical         -  Tool development, R&D, Technical Artist, Trouble Shooting, 3D Printing, Engineering

Creative           -  GUI/UX, 3D, Photography, Music, Fine Art, Design, Texture & Lighting, Marketing, Games


The James Studio Gallery website showcases actual shipped products and high profile work:

Photography    - My fine art and marketing photography and image manipulation.

Products           -  This is a gallery of products I helped invent, create, or managed award winning teams.  It's an assortment of product brochure photos, magazine reviews, GUI designs, TV show stills, trade shows, and more.  It's a big gallery, but worth letting it loop through the images.

Animation         - Demo reels of 3D production for TV, DVD, and theaters.

Music                - Some music I'm working on, just to show diversified creative skills and interests.

3D Printing       - Watch this space develop into more in 2015, I've got some big plans for this!

About                - This is basically resume for you companies who are reviewing me.  Here you'll find a my professional experience and an aggressive timeline of everything I've worked on that shipped into the wild and made gobs* of money, plus other important projects that were not meant to be products. You'll also find specifics of what Management, Technical and Creative contributions I've made to companies, products, projects, and teams.


*That would be BILLIONS!


Subliminal messages involving puppies and ice cream make you happy and want to hire me.