Personality & Character

Philosophies and Facts for a Cultural Fit



My life path and objectives, and how I fulfill purpose

Journey      - Go ego-less with the flow. Fear nothing. Create and follow dreams. Die without wishes.

Observe     - Quantum observation is creation, consciousness.  Know thyself (purpose). Seek opportunities.

Create        - Create share-able experiences. Develop things that make a difference and matter.  Inspire others.

Commit      - Love fearlessly. Let passion flow unrestricted to everything I create. Apply the above to the below. 

Empower   - Guide people and products to be who or what they are meant to be, so they too inspire greatness.  

Contribute  - Live authentically and genuinely care. Solve problems. Exist where contributions and wisdom matters.




Test results show: Insightful, diplomat, idealistic, moral, decisive, altruistic, inspiring, determined, convincing, energized, analytical, empowering, intuitive, passionate, perfectionist, enthusiastic, imaginative, empathetic, visionary, planner, respectful, protective, and works for and supports a good cause. 

MBTI - INFJ    The rarest type at <1%. Examples Martin L King, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Mother Theresa.

True Colors - 18 Blue, 17 Green, 8 Orange, 7 Gold.  "Who" and "Why" personality.



My words, thoughts, and approach to life

  • The emotional man has personal agenda.  The enlightened man empowers others with certainty.
  • Fear is life-paralysis. To achieve true freedom, you must be free from fear.
  • Ego is the absence of love.  Place kindness and compassion where there is friction or negativity.
  • You have nothing to lose. Literally nothing is yours to lose.
  • At my core, I seek the truth and share love.  That is to say, I live authentically and empower others.
  • Make 'self sustainable greatness' that has a profound and positive ripple effect on others.
  • Be less selfish, and more selfless. Want less, and give more.
  • Time reveals all truths. There is no escaping either- Time or the Truth.
  • Make promises. Keep promises.
  • The absence of time, is truth. 


My Humor or lack of

  • If the greatest compliment is when someone copies your work, then the greatest way to say 'thank you' is giving them a Cease and Desist notice. 
  • For those entitled to rat's ass, I'm fresh out.


The words and Thoughts Of others

  • You don't have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.
  • Humanity fears the unknown happiness more than the known unhappiness.
  • Success is not the key to happinessHappiness is the key to success.
  • Life is hard.  It's harder if you're stewpid.
  • When you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done.
  • Don't water the weeds in the garden of your mind.
  • There's no stopping Kimball! 



My Background

Born in 1967, I grew up on a horse ranch and a dairy farm in beautiful Minnesota surrounded by people with strong morals and work ethics, with big hearts and happy-go-lucky country personalities; a place most everyone helps each other.

By 1982, my passion to draw, build tree houses, and create electronic, and mechanical devices, turned into animating 2D and 3D computer graphics by programming draw commands on both Apple and Atari platforms.  I was the original computer geek artist. 

After graduation in 1986, I continued the study of computer graphics and animation as a civil engineer in the military stationed Okinawa Japan.   Spending my off time teaching at the Far East Amiga Resource Graphic SIG in Okinawa, I built an Amiga based video graphic and 3D animation workstation, and ultimately left the Air Force, turning hobby into career, and have been doing what I enjoy ever since.  

I am always creating something that is fueled by a passion, fulfilling a purpose, aiding a cause or project.