My career path is fluid and not limited to 3D production, but 3D is where it all started for me back in the 80's.  

This is my highlights demo reel featuring things from '94 to '07.  It's great stuff for it's time, and especially for low budget TV/DVD/Theater production work that was on tight schedules. My work is noted on the shots, little bit of everything, but mostly textures and lighting.

It was fun stuff to work on, helped kids learn good values, and provided a tremendous amount of experience in a short time. 

While working on these shows, I met many talented people and was part of an outstanding and surprisingly small team of very capable writers, storyboard artists, modelers, animators, lighters, render admins, and more.  I was Technical Director Texture & Lighting.  GORDON RIDGE also a Technical Director, is credited for building the production light rigs based on the look I setup, so I can't take all the credit here.