The Timeline Of

Products, Services, and Projects


Over two decades of experience creating and 

shipping over 100 great products!




  • Product - $ Direct revenue - Shipped item sold to multiple customers.

  • Service - $ Direct revenue - Item or service sold to single customer.

  • Project - Indirect revenue - Item, service, or skill developed for other products sold; or was an intended product whose production was halted as other products became higher priority for the company.

  • Hobby - Personal Growth - New diversified skills, mind expanding, well rounded interests and passions, aiding in development or skills of other products or self. Things that make me more versatile.


  • Bold Items - More significant to career and revenue production.


Scientific Applications International Company (SAIC)

Near Future Plans

  • Project - Building furniture for the new house.

2018 SAIC, Lead Technical Writer & Quality Editor IV

  • Project - Establish Quality Assurance (QA) standards ensuring military standards compliance. Provide QA services for all AAV-SU operator and maintenance books.

  • Project - Book owner for the Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) command/communication model.

  • Project - Music production. Easing back into music for the purpose of supporting drone video. The more I dabble with it, the more I'm thinking I should start with making songs I like and then make videos secondary to it, utilizing 3D and video experience to produce visuals that support the music. Let's see where this goes; the truth is still unfolding.

  • Project - Moved from to South Carolina to accept new Technical Writer QA position. The move was required for the job and was given 2 months. I pulled it off in 6 weeks and bought a house.

  • Project - R&D and reacquaint with modern video editors and color grading solutions. Settled on Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 14.

  • Project - Created first drone video clips for the James Ascends teaser trailer here. I will develop the new website when the move and job settles down.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles System Modernization & Tech Mahindra

2017  NV DMV & Tech Mahindra, Senior Technical Writer and Quality Editor IV

  • Project - Developed the style guide and technical writer procedures supporting Oracle Siebel Linux system development; improving the clarity, accuracy, and acceptance of the India based drafts. Results: 100% first-pass approval rating, 3500% faster invoicing, and documents meet legislation’s high grammatical standards.

  • Project - Provided technical writing for business and technology development documents including: security, recovery, tools, processes, development, deployment, infrastructure, and more. Document formats include: high level design (HLD), low level design (LLD), and detailed business reports (DBR).

  • Project - Worked on many company name concepts to address the numerous freelance services that can ultimately move from hobby to part time work. Iterated various logo concepts before accepting James Ascends.

  • Project - Drone Video R&D while taking the sUAV Remote Pilot 101 course (paused to focus on new job and moving across the states to South Carolina).

  • Project - Re-evaluate career path and goals. This resulted in pursuing Technical Writer and Techncial Illustration work as the new career path; with drone video services starting out as a hobby with intention to build a business. Both branches are similar to things I've done in the past, so it was mostly a matter of learning the modern tools of each, and making each a focus to push myself towards.


2016 IGT, Technical Artist III (cont):

  • Project - Find a new job based on my passions in creating empowering technology, games, or 3D.

  • NOTE: Due to corporate merger, restructuring, and downsizing, my position was included in one of the many rounds of layoffs as a result of being two games ahead of schedule. Laying me off was the least impact on the games whose deadlines would have been impacted by the cuts.

  • Product - Gong Cai Yun Lead

  • Product - Gong Wan Shi Ru Yi - Lead


2015 IGT, Technical Artist III (cont):

  • NOTE: Gong Xi Fa Cai is now second top game for the studio following Ellen Degeneres and above Wheel Of Fortune games at time of this writing. Rarely does anything beat WOF.

  • Product - Gong Wan Shi Ru Yi - Lead

  • Product - Wheel Of Fortune Triple Stars (2 games 5 & 9 line versions) - Lead

  • Product - Wheel Of Fortune Triple Red Hot 7’s (2 games 5 & 9 line versions) - Lead

  • Product - Wheel Of Fortune Red Hot 7’s - Secondary

  • Product - Gong Xi Fa Cai - Lead, Spanish Translation.

  • Product - Gong Xi Fa Cai - Lead, Chinese Overhead Translation.


2015 James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Project - Built new powerful workstation, beefing up James Studio Gallery tools and skills for services in 2016.

  • Project - Modo

  • Project -, prepping something secret.

  • Hobby - Advanced archery league.

  • Hobby - Elite Dangerous, with TrackIR, Voice Attack, Saitek X-55, Orion Spark KB; This translates to UX experiments while playing a space sim.

  • Hobby - Traded in Harley 2014 VRod for 2015 Yamaha R1

  • Hobby - Artifact finding.



2014 IGT, Technical Artist III (cont):

  • Product - Gong Xi Fa Cai - Lead, Team broke production record!

  • Product - Wheel of Fortune Red Hot 7’s - Lead

  • Product - Into the Wild International - Lead


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Project - Viral Video - Yuki goes on Fox's Cause For Paws, wins Talking Dog Award, and Golden Bone award

  • Project - Viral Video - Yuki's wins Best Talking Dog Award on CW channel's World Dog Awards.

  • Project - Viral Video - Signed releases for TV shows throughout the year, including Google requesting her for the 2014 Zeitgeist, a synopsis of the most uplifting and positive viral videos of the year.

  • Project - Code name: "HV Big Demo" (NDA) - Producer & Creative Director

  • Project - Code name: "CT Wham" (NDA) - Consultant (art and business)

  • Project - v4 Rebranded back to original JSG name.

  • Project - Micro music studio test. One song released into the wild.

  • Project - Research 3D Printing.

  • Project - Research new PC workstation vs iMac.

  • Hobby - Traded in Hayabusa for Harley Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special, ride 1200 miles a month.



2013 IGT, Technical Artist III (cont):

  • Product - Into the Wild - Lead

  • Product - Ghostbusters Triple Slime Duo - Secondary


      James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Project - Viral Video - Signed releases for TV shows throughout the year.

  • Project - Viral Video - Record number hits in one day... 197,000!! This, due to the Shiba meme and Reddit.

  • Service - Viral Video - sends numerous agents to talk me into advertising. I set up an experiment.

  • Project - Restore classic cocktail arcade machine.



2012 IGT, Promoted: Technical Artist III:

  • Product - American Idol Superstar (#4) - Lead

  • Product - American Idol Encore Gold (#3) - Modified Idol 2


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Service - Viral Video Experiment- Yuki hits 1 million views!

  • Hobby - Archery

  • Hobby - Ham radio - received FCC license KG7EKB

  • Hobby - Forza 4 - Ranked Top 0.3% of 4 million simulation racers.



2011 IGT, Promoted: Technical Artist II:

  • Product - American Idol Encore (#2)- Lead. Note: Pamela S won $3,275,998 on it!

  • Product - Amazing Race III - Secondary

  • Product - Pink Diamonds - Lead

  • Product - WOF Duo w/Wheel - Lead

  • Project - Ghostbusters - It shipped but product scope changed causing my bonus to be aborted.


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Hobby - Research Archery hobby (types, specs, features, requirements, etc)

  • Hobby - Research Ham Radio hobby (gear, tech, tools, license, etc)

  • Hobby - Camping Arc Dome in flash flood.

  • Hobby - Busa Stampede - Track day of Hayabusas from USA and Canada.

  • Hobby - Upgraded the Busa fuel management system.



2010 IGT, Technical Artist I, (cont):

  • Product - Dark Knight Joker’s Heist - Secondary

  • Product - WOF MP 5x Pay

  • Product - WOF Wheel Strike

  • Product - WOF Double 3x 4x 5x Super Times Pay

  • Product - WOF Big Money

  • Product - Sizzling 7’s

  • Product - 2x Jackpot Jewels

  • Product - 2x4x5xPay

  • Product - 100 Ladies

  • Product - Diamond Vault DG

  • Project - Avatar - MLD symbol R&D

  • Project - Around The World In 80 Days - Coded scrolling background auto-timed to game play.

  • Project - Blast Off - Breakout

  • Project - Clue - Breakout

  • Project - Gopher It / Nutt'n To It - Breakout


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Service - v3 rebranded to www.TroubleShooterStudio

  • Service - v1

  • Hobby - Forza 3 - Ranked Top .3% of 4 million simulation racers.



2009 IGT, Promoted/Company ReOrg: Technical Artist I:

  • Product - Chili Chaser - Breakout

  • Product - Royal Riches Enchanted Garden - Breakout

  • Product - Royal Riches Fire Diamonds - Breakout

  • Product - Royal Riches Noble Knight - Breakout

  • Product - Red White Blue Wild Star

  • Product - Joker’s Wild Vacations

  • Product - Twin Warriors - 5 Languages conversion

  • Product - Fire Bells, Lucky Joker - Breakout

  • Product - Jackpot Bonanza, Diamond Spurs

  • Product - Crystal Fortunes Fire Diamonds

  • Product - Crystal Fortunes Tiger's Eye

  • Product - Crystal Fortunes White Stag

  • Product - Elvis Triple Strike - PA Fixes

  • Product - Sweet Gold – PA fixes

  • Product - Triple Stars MP - Wrote auto switching top display code.

  • Product - Double Diamond MP - Wrote auto switching top display code.

  • Product - Enchanted Unicorn - Only minor help

  • Product - Unicorn Magic - Only minor help

  • Product - Joker's Wild - Only minor help


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Service - HP & Visan - Coordinated and oversaw Flash demo of product runs during install.

  • Service - JP David Photo Design - Digital image processing, architectural magazine.

  • Project - Viral Video - Created video of Yuki The Talking Shiba to deliberately make a viral video. Success! :-)

  • Hobby - Guns, shooting targets at the range (5 times decorated Expert Marksman USAF).



2008 IGT, Technical Production Artist II:

  • Product - Greenback Attack, Safari Flowers

  • Product - Greenback Attack, Thunderbolt 7’s

  • Product - Wu Xing

  • Product - Fort Knox Lil Lady

  • Product - Fort Knox Lady of the Lake

  • Product - End of the Rainbow

  • Product - Fire Diamonds


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Service - JP David Photo Design - Digital image processing, architectural magazine.

  • Project - Business research and plan to form partnership to do photo-realistic architectural rendering.





2007 WCP, Promoted: Production Manger / Stand-in Producer:

  • Product - Moodsters

  • Product - Rebundle Auto-B-Good for education market.

  • Product - Auto-B-Good coloring books

  • Product - Me and Jesse D, we did a major portion of the pilot video for Studio 123.

  • Project - Develop Magnum Opus - The most incredible project of my career (my years at Play and WCP were the most rewarding) and deserves a bit more mention than a bullet point. I developed a process and resource management tools (of people, hardware, time, and budgets) to improve upon and replace MS Project, for assigning bidding, and tracking. It performed much faster and more holistic than MS Project. This was based on years of experience at Play Inc. (and witnessing failures at other companies including WCP's prior leadership) and designed to solve problems at a day to day level so months do not pass before realizing a problem when to late. This was a problem prior to my leading that severely hurt the company's bottom line by reduced render farm output quality and resolution, wasted man-hours and stress, budget over-runs (or they'd not pay people for the additional hours worked) and breakdown between those who negotiated services and those who actually provided the services.

  • Project - Render farm calculator - Magnum Opus' first problem was to accurately estimate render farm time based on various machine speeds and various number of machines at various times of the day. Same math used to estimate peak power usage for an electric company. This gave us ability to back time production so we had time to render at high quality. Our first test was a big one, where we were doing the first animated pilot with dynamic fur (head to toe) creatures which required tremendous render horse power.

  • Project - Assignment Improvements - Magnum Opus supports initial task assignment setup based on storyboard task sheets and individual contributor buy in and engagement. This made it more clear what was expected of each contributor.

  • Project - Accountability Improvements - Magnum Opus used to keep everyone accountable and on track. This worked company wide from CEO down, including other departments and our sales guy couldn't negotiate deals without knowing how it affects the man-hours and product scope. Magnum Opus automatically printed a bid report that showed which product features would be cut to hit his potential negotiated budgets.

  • Project - Dailies Review Improvement - Magnum Opus used to improve dailies feedback, tracking, and ongoing assignments. We knew if we were even a few frames behind and could gain those back the next day. Slippage was reduced to only a half day and was thus easily corrected.

  • Project - Bids - Numerous movie bids using the Magnum Opus tool. Used and vetted up to 44 Million.

  • Project - Built 1 Thz render farm, negotiated 198,000 lower price on components.

  • Project - Armor Quest, Comic and Animated series.

  • Project - ScaVengers - Animated series

  • Project - Created biz simulator to test viability of render farm services, proved successful.


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Project - v2



2006 WCP, Technical Director Lighting & Promoted: Lead Texture Designer (cont):

  • Product - Bug Rangers (FOX, Dove Approved) - Hairy Situation (DVD)

  • Product - Bug Rangers (FOX, Dove Approved, SIGGRAPH Award) - Bug Rangers (Theater)

  • Product - Bug Rangers (FOX, Dove Approved) - Submarine Sandwich (DVD)

  • Product - Dove Foundation Seal Of Approval Logo

  • Product - Archangels Trailer for the comic series


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Service - JP David Photo Design - Digital image processing, architectural magazine & brochures.

  • Project - Technical Director Textures, Kito Turtle - DAVE school, William Vaughan, 100% procedurals, 750 layers.

  • Project - IFW Procedural Textures, worked with developer to create new ones, improve existing, test new ones.

  • Project - v2

  • Project - Preston Castle, charity event, fine art auction.

  • Hobby - Research small RC helicopters for 3D flight, and bought simulator with controls.



2005 WCP, Technical Director Lighting & Texture Designer:

  • Product - Auto-B-Good Season 2 (PBS, approx 36 episodes, Dove Approved, 3 Emmys!)

  • Product - Bug Rangers (FOX, Dove Approved) - The Mane Event (DVD)

  • Product - Bug Rangers (FOX, Dove Approved) - Slingshot Slugger (DVD)


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Service - JP David Photo Design - Digital image processing, architectural magazine & brochures.

  • Project - Animation, Texture, Lighting, BMW Mini Cooper





2004 Photographer:

  • Service - JP David Photo Design - Digital image processing, architectural magazine & fine art print sales.

  • Service - Custom fine art framing

  • Project - v1

  • Project - Fine art photography, Preston Castle

  • Project - Canon reviews, recognizes me as top photographer, lets me have early release 1D Mk II pro camera.

  • Project - Built photo studio

  • Project - Various fine art photography



2003 Photographer & Graphics Design: 

  • Service - Project code name "Mimi's Cafe" (NDA) - GUI/UX Design for cloud based photo project.

  • Service - Dream Day Spa - Photography & Brochure

  • Service - Ally Hanneman - Photography, and Photo Assitant

  • Service - Custom fine art framing

  • Project - Various fine art photography

  • Project - First Place, Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley - Print "Options".

  • Hobby - Bought '03 Hayabusa Limited Edition.





2002 Play, Manager Engineering Services (cont):

  • Product - GlobeCaster Live NTSC

  • Product - GlobeCaster Live PAL

  • Product - GlobeCaster Post NTSC

  • Product - GlobeCaster Post PAL

  • Product - GlobeCaster Studio NTSC

  • Product - GlobeCaster Studio PAL

  • Product - Ethernet Output Module

  • Product - CKT – Rebranding of HoloSet

  • Product - OnQ

  • Product - OnQ Quickstart

  • Product - OnQ Free

  • Product - GlobeCaster 2.8 Upgrade

  • Product - GlobeCaster DVIO NTSC

  • Product - GlobeCaster DVIO PAL


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Project - v.5 Beta

  • Project - Various fine art photography



2001 Play, Play Inc. becomes GlobalStreams Inc.  Promoted to Manager Engineering Services [Depts/Teams: Document Control, Program Management, Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Board Layout, Regulator Testing, GUI Design, 3D FX Design, Print Design, QA, Documentation; Co-Managed Software Production and Hardware Development]:

  • Product - Trinity to GlobeCaster Conversion Upgrade

  • Product - GlobeCaster Seat License


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Project - Various fine art photography

  • Hobby - Biological Research - Self sustaining tank gains fame in Sacramento salt aquaria shops.



2000 Play, Manager Content Teams (cont):

  • Product - Snappy 4.0

  • Product - Trinity 2.2 NTSC

  • Product - Trinity PAL

  • Product - HoloSet

  • Product - Trinity DSK 1 Content Pack

  • Product - Trinity DSK 2 Content Pack


       James Studio Gallery & Hobby

  • Project - Learning photography on Canon Powershot G1. Also shot Infra-Red B&W.

  • Project - Music - Bought Xbase09, Yamaha RM1x, Yamaha AW4416.

  • Hobby - Biological Research - Self sustaining tank flourishes.



1999 Play, Promoted to Manager Content Teams [Teams: X-Design, Web Development, Audio Production, GUI/UX  design, FX Design, Documentation, 2D Art (content, not printed)] :

  • Product - Trinity 2.0 NTSC

  • Product - Trinity 2.0 PAL

  • Product - Trinity NLE NTSC

  • Product - Trinity NLE PAL

  • Product - Trinity 1.2 NTSC

  • Product - Trinity 1.2 PAL

  • Product - Pocket Producer

  • Product - Gizmos Mega Pak

  • Project - Patent #D418121 for work on the X-Engine, shipped with Play products.

  • Project - Patent #D450325 for work on the X-Engine, shipped with Play products.

  • Project - Patent ##D418827 for work on the X-Engine, shipped with Play products.



  • Hobby - Music - Bought Virus KB, Groove Maker, Acid Loops.

  • Hobby - Biological Research - Self sustaining tank proves to work.



1998 Play, Content Team Orchestrator (cont):

  • Product - Gizmos98

  • Product - Trinity 1.0

  • Product - Trinity 1.1

  • Product - Amorphium

  • Project - WWII Performer 98 demo, tear jerker, shipped with Gizmos.

  • Project - Voice over - Various Performer98 demos, shipped with Gizmos.



  • Hobby - Music - Bought Kawai K5000S, Virus A

  • Hobby - Biological Research - Tank died, and started an experiment to self sustaining biological tank.



1997 Play, Promoted to Content Team Orchestrator, Continued Animation Lead and GUI Designer [X-Design, GUI/UX Design, FX Design, Documentation]:

  • Product - Snappy 3.0 GUI

  • Project - Trinity GUI/FX/Content Beta, shipped with Trinity

  • Project - Infinity engine - Major demo to press, shipped with Gizmos.



  • Hobby - Biological Research - Experimenting with Jaubert natural filtration method for reef keeping.



1996 Play, Animation Lead and GUI Designer (cont):

  • Product - Snappy 2.0 GUI

  • Project - Trinity GUI/FX/Content Development, shipped with Trinity.



  • Project - Built laser scanner to digitize human head as 3D models, manual point creation, not automated.

  • Hobby - Biological Research - The making a self sustaining saltwater reef tank.



1995 Play, Animation Lead and GUI Designer:

  • Project - Alpha Trinity GUI/FX/Content, shipped with Trinity.

  • Project - X-Engine real-time GUI engine designed with Todd Sprague coding it, shipped with all Play products.





1994 AV, Promoted: Team Lead 2D/3D Animation & FX:

  • Product - Channel 4000

  • Product - Edge TV (sort like Channel 4000 for schools)

  • Service - Training 3D - Numerous one on one classes, and group.

  • Service - Single Frame Recording

  • Service - Cub Foods


       Independent Contractor & Hobby

  • Service - Aspen Production - First Bank, misc graphics and animations for video production.

  • Service - Aspen Production - Wagner Power Spray logo and cut-a-way particle animation.

  • Service - Barry Johnson - Misc 3D graphics

  • Service - Visual FX Supervisor- Dave Hilsen, Physics Curriculum & Instruction, Time & Space, 30 min 3D video, space station/ships accurate design approved by physicists.

  • Project - KLF The White Room, animated album cover.

  • Project - Suicide struggle, human emotions animation.

  • Project - Bought first PC, sold Amiga/Video Toaster system.



1993 AV, 2D/3D Animation & FX:

  • Service - 3D FX - OTC visual fx

  • Service - 3D Graphics - Liberty Carton

  • Service - 2D Graphics - Channel 4000

  • Service - Training 3D - Numerous one on one classes, and group.

  • Service - Single Frame Recording

  • Project - Co-Invented Channel 4000, first subscription based online news magazine, daily broadcasting.

  • Project - Previsualization of new office before and after remodel.


       Independent Contractor & Hobby

  • Project - Red Baron Pizza - I just facilitated the connection of video producer to Steve Lawn who maintained Vector Teque.


MOSTLY educational time

PRE-Career BaSed History at this point


USAF, Vector Teque

1992 Vector Teque (with partner Steve Lawn in FL):

  • Service - Startup company to provide services to local advertising agencies

  • Project - Created demo reel of 4200 24bit frames laid to tape by hand one by one. Edited to music on graph paper before animation was even created. Everything worked in the end, and took us 4 months to make. It was a very long shot that worked out with careful planning. This was the first and only record of doing this with a consumer S-VHS deck.


      United States Air Force, Okinawa Japan, Civil Engineer

  • Project - Honorable Discharge & moved from Okinawa Japan to Florida to start a 3D company with friend.

  • Project - Volunteered to work on the Asbestos Abatement Team.

  • Project - Volunteered to work on the Hazmat team.

  • Project - Expert Marksman Award.


       Independent Contractor & Hobby

  • Service - Pepsico 2D rotoscope animation introducing the new Pepsi can label in Japan.

  • Project - Teaching computer graphics at the Far East Amiga Resource.



1991 United States Air Force, Okinawa Japan, Civil Engineer

  • Project - Maintaining base water supply.

  • Project - Expert Marksman Award.


       Independent Contractor & Hobby

  • Service - OCC Logo signage work for computer store in Okinawa.

  • Project - Bought one of the very first Video Toasters ever made- #58 if I recall. First one shipped internationally.

  • Project - Lance Sterling won 9th Place of 32 finalists from votes of over 4,000 attendees at Bit.Movie '91 in Riccione Italy.

  • Project - Teaching computer graphics at the Far East Amiga Resource.



1990 United States Air Force, Okinawa Japan, Civil Engineer

  • Project - Maintaining base water supply.

  • Project - Pacific Air Command - Rapid Runway Repair record set 12 minutes to fill exploded runway and cover it.

  • Project - Expert Marksman Award.



  • Project - Created my first sequenced 3D animation - Reserved Seat, The Legend Of Lance Sterling.

  • Project - Teaching computer graphics at the Far East Amiga Resource.

  • Project - Learning Sculpt 4D, Imagine, VideoScape 3D, Deluxe Video



1989 United States Air Force, Okinawa Japan, Civil Engineer

  • Project - Maintaining base water supply.

  • Project - Mapping 400MMS region's water supply system with divining rods. Found all the shut off valves and water lines in the region and mapped them. Found 2 buildings unmapped, I mapped them. Also found secret WWII tunnels, caves, and lagoon.

  • Project - Sewer rodder retrieval heads. Various custom heads to fish out broken rods to avoid excavation and expensive repairs.

  • Project - Expert Marksman Award.



  • Project - Learning Sculpt 3D and Animate 3D, Deluxe Paint.



1988 United States Air Force, Okinawa Japan, Civil Engineer

  • Project - Maintaining base water supply.

  • Project - The Universal Key. I created a tote-able valve key system that replaced 6 valve key heads: American (2), Japanese (2), curb stop, standard hand valves. With extensions for deep valves.



  • Hobby - Bought Amiga system and started programming.



1987 United States Air Force, Okinawa Japan, Civil Engineer

  • Moved to / Stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

  • Project - Maintaining basic building water systems.

  • Project - Expert Marksman Award.



  • Hobby - Various clay sculptures.

  • Hobby - Pencil portraits.

  • Hobby - Airbrush models and painting experiments.



Going way too far back


High School

1986 After Graduation.  Busy start on life.

  • Job - Joined United States Air Force, Training in TX.

  • Job - Roofing for just a few weeks between NDSU and USAF

  • Job - NDSU Entomology Assistant, Worked on natural way to control Leafy Spurge in ND with beetles and moths.

  • Graduated High School, Ulen Mn.



1986 and prior Before graduation.

  • Job - '85-'86 - Viking Manor Nursing Home, worked during school year when not working on grandparent's farm.

  • Job - '77-'86 - Cutting wood to heat the house with brother and father, 32-36 cords a year.

  • Job - '76-'86 - Grew up on horse ranch. Shoveled shit, hauled bails, fed animals.

  • Job - '83-'85 - Summers spent working on Grandpa's dairy farm, working the fields to produce alfalfa bail, and corn silage. This was so I could afford my first computer, monitor, cassette disk drive.

  • Job - '84-85 - Raised calves for beef sales to buy first car

  • Job - '84-'86 - I was the first video cameraman and studio engineer for UHTC 3, the local cable channel that our HS did news and programming for 8 hours a day. I also set up the studio with a way to run credits and titles.

  • Job - '80-'81 - Groundskeeping at church.

  • Student - '83-'86 - Heavily focused around computer programming and graphics, and traditional art. (Art all my life.)

  • Student - '85-'86 - I taught the computer programming classes because I was ahead of the others.

  • Student - '84-'85 - Decided I would go back and do 7th & 8th grade algebra, 9th grade geometry so I could get into chemistry and physics in an attempt to align myself better with college for doing computer graphics.

  • Project - '82-85 - Self-Taught - Learned Basic programming and worked on various real-time graphics and sound projects, Ultimately created synthesizer with on-screen keyboard and programmable patches.

  • Activity - '86 - Computing Competition / classes - UHHS took home the awards... Erik carried most of the weight for us.

  • Activity - '85-'86 - Declamation. Nearly made it to state level in category Creative Expression (write and deliver your own story).

  • Activity - '85-86 - Varsity Track and Field.

  • Activity - '83 - College sponsored competition - Built a toothpick bridge that supported 29lbs over a 24" span weighing just enough to use about 200(?) toothpicks and associated drops of airplane glue for wood.

  • Activity - '82 -Varsity Wrestling.

  • Activity - '76-'80 - Horse shows (barrel racing, keyhole, pole bending, jumping, pleasure, halter) won Year End Award for Keyhole. Timed events were my specialty '78 - '80. Parents stallion made it to Oklahoma City Nationals and placed.